Are YOU tired of just squeeking by?

There is a saying in the personal growth and development industry that we have found to be true:
If you spend time with 4 or 5 broke people, you might become the next one.
If you spend time with 4 or 5 millionaires, you might become the next one.
Our question to you is; Who are you spending your time with?

A bit about the Million Dollar Locksmith & our Mastermind group.

The Million Dollar Locksmith is a CLOSED GROUP. Unlike the other "Locksmith groups" you might see on various websites, we are a group reserved for elite performers. We are a group of industry leading locksmiths that have made MILLIONS. We are a very exclusive group with strict requirements to enter. You must be recommended and properly vouched for to gain admittance. 

We have started a MASTERMIND group to help younger locksmiths get on the path to achieving success.

A little info about the MASTERMIND group and how it can help you.

The Million Dollar Locksmith, Mastermind group is a way for younger/newer success driven locksmiths to achieve massive success. 

This program is very similar to a 4 year elite coaching program that costs over $399.00 per month.

Every other week we will have a 30 min group Coaching session with one of the Million Dollar Mentors and/or a guest mentor. Each month, every member will have a 15 minute accountability call with a coach or mentor.

Guest mentors will be brought in to speak about sales strategies, taxes, advertising, neuro-economics, finances, loans, estate planning, retirement, and various other success related topics.


This program will unite a group of locksmiths across the nation who share a common goal. TO MAKE MORE MONEY. 

Each member will have their business listed on the back of our members only shirts, and will be invited to attend our yearly retreat, and enjoy our elite performers party.

Monthly investment $65  Sign up before March 01, 2020 & lock in a rate of $35 per month.

Spots in our Mastermind program are extremely limited. Once the program starts we WILL NOT add new members until the following years class. Without being recommended, and vouched for by 5 members of the million dollar locksmith group, joining the mastermind program is the ONLY way to obtain membership. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.