Forget about the traditional conventions, join us on a family friendly

Locksmith Cruise

When you think about how locksmiths have been getting education for the last 30 – 40 - 50 years NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED!  

The Next Level Cruise Company and The National Association Of Professional Locksmiths just teamed up with Carnival Cruise Line. The Locksmith Cruise will be a family friendly, fun new way for locksmiths to get education, and network with peers and industry experts. 

We chose "The World's Most Popular Cruise Line" for the family friendly experience.  The ship we choose offers a host of resort amenities, an extensive variety of activities and live entertainment including spectacular production shows, Club O2 and circle C for the kids.  All of that plus delicious dining options the whole family will enjoy, including 24-hour room service,

After the classes are done you will have plenty of time to fellowship with other locksmiths,hear new ideas, and see how others do things. We are doing everything we can to make this the BEST locksmith learning experience you have ever attended, and your FAMILY will love this as well.

Our classes for the 2020 cruise

Jayson Wolbert

The Blue Collar Business Coach

In addition to running a wildly successful Locksmith company Jayson Wolbert is a "Monster Certified" Business coach in one of the NATIONS hottest coaching programs. Jayson will be teaching the person of interest.


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  a little info about our instructors


Who do we want here

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Sale dates and more info.

The sale date on this cruise is November -- 2020

We have went with November for a few reasons:

1.) It's Fall break for many school systems.

2.) November is one of the most affordable times to cruise.

3.) The weather is GREAT! Not too hot, Not too cold!

4.) We tried to schedule around other events. 

MONEY... Most cruise lines will not reduce the rates, but we have got Carnival to throw in several incentives for our group.

The cost of the event is $200.00 per locksmith + the cost of the cruise. (Everyone must book through the Next Level Cruise co.) If we can get 40 Locksmiths to sign up the price will drop to $150.00 + the cost of the cruise. This FEE covers the cost of YOUR instructors, course materials, and a cool Locksmith Cruise T-Shirt. We will try to work with most Locksmiths interested in instructing.

Our main priority is to provide a FUN learning experience, and get a bunch of locksmiths together for some fellowship.

We do have 10 VIP passes available. The VIP passes get you into 2 VIP parties, one on the ship, the other in Amber Cove. You will also get a few added perks on the ship.  A VIP pass is only $125.00 extra.

We are looking for sponsors. This is a great opportunity for manafacturers

VIP Cabana Party

While we are at Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic we will be having a VIP party at the Grand Cabana. This Party is sponsored by Third Monkey Marketing, ( manafacturer sponsor #1) and ( manafacturer sponsor #2). This event is limited to 10 locksmiths and their families. This includes Wristbands for all ammenities. Food and beverages will be provided by our sponsors. 

Space is limited at the Cabana so we must limit this to 10 locksmiths. Our sponsors will be showing products and offering VIP pricing as well as other incintives. this is first come first serve. Please sign up below NOW if youre interested.